The services we offer include various options through several United States immigration programs. Please feel free to contact me to discuss your particular immigration needs.

EB-5: This immigration program offers permanent residence for the applicant and dependents (spouse and children under 21) and involves an investment in a business project that creates U.S. jobs.

Derrico Law can assist investors who are interested in obtaining U.S. permanent residence (“green cards”) by helping navigate the process with USCIS. Derrico has handled approximately 300 investor I-526 applications, and will explain your options involving proving your source & path of funds, providing necessary documentation, preparing clients for consular interview, and ultimately removing conditions for permanent residence (I-829).

Derrico Law also assists USCIS-approved Regional Centers and project developers in preparing business plans and other legal documentation necessary to obtain USCIS Regional Center approval or seek investment through an EB-5 compliant project.

H-1B: Derrico Law can help companies seeking to hire skilled workers with advanced degrees.

EB-2 / EB-3: This permanent residence program applies to professional workers.

E-2: A visa program for entrepreneurs who wish to found their own business in the U.S.

Naturalization: Derrico Law can help permanent residents take the final step toward becoming naturalized U.S. citizens.

Please contact us about other types of U.S. immigration programs or to see how we can help you:  web @